Thomas M. Santarelli

Partner | Kenosha, WI

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The lead litigation attorney at Madrigrano, Aiello & Santarelli Thomas brings the knowledge, skill and experience necessary to effectively represent your litigation needs in Kenosha, Racine, Walworth and southeastern Wisconsin. Thomas utilizes confident, aggressive and efficient techniques to zealously advocate his clients’ positions. Knowing that litigation is often an emotional and intense experience for clients, Mr. Santarelli takes the time to present an objective view throughout the case to his clients so they can make rational, cost-effective decisions.

Concentrating his practice in civil litigation, collections, condominium law, construction law and business litigation, Thomas is a passionate advocate for his clients. With nearly 10 years of successful litigation experience at a small law firm, Mr. Santarelli knows how to effectively litigate cases on budgets of all sizes. Mr. Santarelli is the strong advocate you need to handle your litigation needs.

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